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Celeb Detox Therapeutic Bath Salts
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Size: Net wt 24 oz (680 g).  Packaged in an air tight, re-usable glass jar to reduce waste.  Wood scoop and drawstring bag included.  The loosely woven drawstring bag allows the salts to dissolve in the bath water while preventing the botanical additives from clogging drains and jets.  24 oz is good for 6-10 baths depending on bath size and amount of product used. 

Always rinse off in a shower after a salt bath.  When left on the skin, salt can cause dryness.

Shared Ingredients:  Sun dried Dead Sea salt (magnesium, sodium, calcium & potassium chlorides), castor oil, natural essential oils & love.
Lavender Dream: Lavender buds, chamomile flowers and calendula petals

Muscle Rescue:
  Pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), red clover, nettle leaves, sage  and yarrow flowers.  Epsom salts are especially effective in soothing sore muscles and reducing skin inflammations because they return magnesium to the body

Restorative: Rose buds, chamomile flowers, calendula petals, rosemary leaves, spearmint and juniper berries
Sinus Relief: Eucalyptus leaves, peppermint leaves, elder flowers, white willow bark, juniper berries and fennel seeds.  This bath soak helps to open nasal passages and soothe sore muscles

Skin types: All. Safe for people with sensitive skin.

General Benefits*:  Due to its unique concentration of minerals, a warm bath that contains dissolved Dead Sea salt may
provide therapeutic benefits for many types of arthritis, skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis, improves skin hydration, reduces skin inflammations and improves the appearance of wrinkles through a significant reduction in their depth.

Castor oil helps to disperse the essential oils.  It is an excellent skin conditioner because its molecular mass allows deep penetration of the skin.

100% natural, bio-degradable and always cruelty free.

*As per FDA requirements: Dr. Bubbles provides ingredient information as a courtesy and makes no efficacy claims whatsoever because scientific evidence is either limited or non-existent.


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