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Real Castile & Goat's Milk Fragrance Free Soap
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Size: Each bar of soap is Net wt 4.0 oz (113g).

Ingredients: Saponified organic olive oil, fresh goat's milk & love.

Skin types: All. Safe for people with sensitive skin. Super moisturizing, mild & gentle. Particularly good for dry skin and babies.  Fragrance free.

Benefits*: Our Real Castile soap is made the traditional way with only olive oil.  Olive oil alone makes a super mild and moisturizing bar of soap that has stood the test of time; it's even safe for infants.   Goat's milk has a very high fat content (higher than cow's milk). By combining goat's milk with olive oil (true castile soap), this is a bar of soap that is super moisturizing and extremely mild. Your skin will feel like silk.

We're constantly selling out of this particular bar of soap.  It's so gentle and moisturizing.  What's more, it appears to help and soothe a wide variety of chronic skin problems such as eczema in children and psoriasis.

100% natural, bio-degradable and always cruelty free.

*As per FDA requirements: Dr. Bubbles provides ingredient information as a courtesy and makes no efficacy claims whatsoever because scientific evidence is either limited or non-existent.


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