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5 O'Clock Shaving Soap
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Quantity: Each bar of soap is Net wt 4.0 oz (113g).  The  3" round shaving bar is designed for standard shaving mugs and cups.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, kaolin clay, castor oil, essential oils & love.

Skin types: All. Safe for people with sensitive skin. Super moisturizing, mild & gentle. Designed to provide creamy lather and 'slip' for the razor.

Benefits: Castile soap (all olive oil) is the mildest soap ever invented.  When brushed up, it creates a creamy rich lather with slip that provides a close shave while moisturizing and cleansing the skin.   Great for any part of the body.

Fragrances:  Our current offerings include cucumber, lavender, lavender orange, randy bay rum and sweet citrus.

100% natural, bio-degradable and always cruelty free.

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