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Real Deal True Castile Dog Shampoo


Size: 8 fl oz (257 mL) in a pump bottle

Ingredients: 98% organic olive oil, 2% organic vegetable glycerin, essential oils and love.

Fragrance:  Our essential oil blend has a rich citrus fragrance.  It is especially formulated to neutralize dog odors, and helps to keep ticks and fleas off of your dog.  However, you should still use your veterinarian recommended products for flea/tick protection.

Safe for dogs and people of all ages.

Benefits: True castile soap is made only from olive oil.  Olive oil is easily absorbed by the skin and is a very effective moisturizer.  Our dog shampoo softens your pet's coat, makes it incredibly shiny and ends dry/itchy skin problems.

Here at Dr. Bubbles, we think that pets deserve the same kind of skin and hair care that people receive.   Our pet products are formulated along the same principles as our people products and contain the same all natural ingredients.  Only the fragrance separates the pet shampoo from people shampoo.

Scent: Dr. Bubbles dog shampoo smells heavenly.  A local pet grooming spa declared our pet shampoo the best smelling pet product ever.  The special essential oil blend in our formula has a fresh citrus fragrance with notes of cedar, lavender, orange and citronella to name a few.

Pamper your pet with Dr. Bubbles Bow-Wow Booty-Q pet products.  Pets are people, too!

100% natural, vegan, bio-degradable and cruelty free.

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