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Real Deal True Castile Liquid Soap

Size: 8 fl oz (237 mL) in a pump bottle

Ingredients: 98% Organic olive oil, 2% organic vegetable glycerin, essential oils & love

Benefits:  Vegan. Olive oil is one of the mildest skin conditioners found in the world of vegetable oils.  Because of its unique chemical composition, it softens and moisturizes your skin while it cleanses.  Our Castile soap is also terrific as a mild and gentle shampoo or daily body wash.  Although not 'tears free' (requires all kinds of nasty synthetic ingredients), our Castile soap is also perfect for babies.

Why call it Real Deal True Castile Liquid Soap? Today most
castile soap manufacturers use a bevy of other vegetable oils, like coconut and palm, and still call their soap "castile" soap.   It's not and don't be fooled; real castile soap is all olive oil.   Making true castile soap is a little more time consuming but the results are worth it.

Check the ingredients of popular brands of castile soap and you might be surprised by the ingredient list.  Any castile soap formula with more than 30% coconut oil (usually the first ingredient listed) can be harsh on the skin and drying. 

We make our Real Deal True Castile
Liquid Soap with 98% organic olive oil and 2% vegetable glycerin.  The touch of vegetable glycerin improves the lather and adds a nice extra bit of moisturizing qualities to the liquid soap. 

100% natural, organic, vegan, bio-degradable and cruelty free. 

Real Deal True Castile is a registered trademark of Dr. Bubbles Handmade Soap.  

n.b. Vanilla Ylang is discontinued for now.  We cannot seem to find a vanilla fragrance that doesn't turn the product brown or interfere with its lather.  Until we find vanilla that allows us to make an organic and 100% natural product that performs as expected, we have suspended its production.  Thank you for your understanding as we continue our quest; vanilla is too important to omit.

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