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About Us

Do Good, Feel Good & Smell Good...It's why this company exists.

DO GOOD...Each bar of Dr. Bubbles Handmade Soap is made from all natural, organic ingredients.  When you buy a bar of soap, you also plant 10 trees.  For every bar sold, we donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation tree planting program.  Together, we can make a difference for future generations. 

FEEL GOOD... Feel good about your contribution to the future of the planet by using our sustainable products that make zero compromises with ingredients or effectiveness.  Your skin will thank you for switching to organic and truly natural skin care.  Instead of stripping your skin of its natural defenses, truly natural skin care allows your skin to function as Mother Nature designed it.  Your skin is an amazing organ when it's not tortured daily with bizarre and unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

SMELL GOOD...Mother nature is amazing.  By using essential oils for fragrances, not only will you smell heavenly but your skin and psyche benefit from these natural essential oils.  What's more, many of the essential oils used in our products have medicinal value as demonstrated by available published scientific evidence aka data driven effects.

 A little more about Dr. Bubbles...

Dr. Bubbles, aka Dorothy, was a research scientist at Rutgers who studied the effects of fragrance on the human body.  Today, she is the Chief Bubblologist at Dr. Bubbles Handmade Soap/Skinsana.  She and her team work hard to solve some of the most vexing and common skin problems with truly all natural skin care products. 

Dr. Bubbles/Skinsana organic and natural skin care products grew out of a need to solve her own skin problems AND make a difference in the world.   She was totally surprised to find that all of her skin problems came from the synthetic ingredients commonly found in skin care products today. 

Goodbye to wrecked skin, bumps, rashes and eczema.  Hello to trouble free skin forever.  Mom was right all along.

Applying scientific research skills to the myriad of unpronounceable ingredients found in most commercial skin care products, she discovered that what people put on their skin every day is a toxic chemical cocktail that does more harm than good for the skin and the world.  Along with damaging your skin, these ingredients have long-term, far-reaching and permanent negative effects on human health, wildlife and the environment.

When she's not up to her elbows developing natural skin care formulas, Dr. Bubbles plays in Montana's great outdoors, where she grew up.

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