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All Natural Skin Care

All natural soap and body products...

  • allow your skin to look youthful & beautiful
  • reduce your need for creams & lotions
  • end dependence on toxic chemicals & pollution
  • save you money
  • help save the world
  • save your skin!

Welcome to the world of handmade, all natural soap and skin care products.  When you leave behind skin care products laden with synthetic additives like SLS and PEG-20 Stearate (to name only a few), some amazing things happen to your skin.

To start, your largest organ is allowed to function as it was designed. Your skin feels nicer all the time because you're no longer damaging it with commercial soaps that contain mostly highly alkaline synthetic ingredients.  Finally, your skin becomes softer, dewier and more natural looking.   Why?

All natural handmade soap doesn't strip or stress your skin like most commercial soaps, which have a pH of 10-12 (very alkaline).   Our all natural soap has a pH of 7, which is the same pH as water and is neutral.   As a result, you don't have to 'switch up' your skin care products because your acidic skin (pH 5.5) isn't damaged by our products.  Your skin doesn't develop reactions or sensitivities (dermatitis) to the gentle ingredients in our all natural soap. 

In the end, we can't promise you the fountain of youth.  We can, however, get you clean and help your skin function as mother nature intended.  By using our all natural body care products, you also help save the world by reducing your dependency on polluting toxic chemicals and, along the way, save your skin!

*** Due to FDA regulations, skin care companies are not permitted, by law, to make any claims about cosmetics.  Cosmetics are products that are applied to the skin and not immediately removed.  Please research the ingredients and decide if our products are for you.  Dr. Bubbles provides ingredient information as a courtesy and makes no efficacy claims.  Soap, because it is rinsed off, is exempt from these regulations. ***

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